NorDan selected for net carbon zero home

Nov 2, 2021

Windows and doors from NorDan was chosen to complement the net carbon zero demo house «Beyond Zero Homes» presented during the COP26 climate conference in november 2021.

When leading politicians from around the world gather in Scotland’s second city in early November to agree on new commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions, they will also be able to see an example of how modern housing can be built with minimal impact on the climate.

Climate-neutral building

In the collaborative project “Beyond Zero Homes”, NorDan UK and a number of other companies have joined forces to design and build a climate-neutral home. Using carefully selected materials, with wood as an important common denominator, Peter Smith from Roderick James Architects has been able to design a modular building that stores as much or more C02 as is emitted during the construction process. The aim is to show the authorities and society that solutions are available that safeguard living comfort, quality and longevity without endangering the climate.

Proven track record

NorDan UK was chosen as a partner for the project due to its products’ well-documented climate properties. Aluclad wood is also good for the greenhouse gas accounts, and in combination with the long service life, this puts NorDan’s solutions in a class of their own. The windows and doors’ outstanding energy properties also have a positive impact on the greenhouse has accounts, since homes will use less energy during over their lifetimes.

Nor Dan Eco Home Hi res 49
Nor Dan Eco Home Hi res 29

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