On the way towards more sustainable production

Jun 22, 2021

From using renewable energy to improved certification for environmental management, NorDan’s factories are already busy planning for an even more sustainable future.

Continuous improvement, high quality and reduced wastage have long been buzzwords for efficient factories, but they have also gone a long way to ensuring that NorDan’s windows and doors are both environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Renewable energy

There are many different elements that determine whether a product can be categorised as sustainable or not. For the products manufactured at the factories in the NorDan Group, the energy used in production is an important factor. Using renewable energy reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, and means that our products leave our factory gates with much lower emissions than products that have been manufactured using other resources and methods.

NorDan Sweden is only too aware of this, and now the company’s three factories can do more than just guarantee that their energy consumption comes from renewable sources.

“100 per cent of the electricity we purchase today already comes from hydropower plants, but to further strengthen our approach to energy consumption we have chosen to install solar energy systems to reduce our energy purchases,” explains CEO Dag Kroslid. The solar energy systems at the factories in Bor, Tanum and Kvillsfors are scheduled to enter operation during the current year.

Profitable environmental focus

However, it’s not just solar energy and hydropower that can contribute to greener production. STM Vinduer in Denmark enjoys good wind conditions, and wind power has become key to the factory in Langeland – in fact, STM’s factory is now exclusively driven by wind power.

While investing in renewable energy certificates and developing in-house energy production are expensive, there is little doubt that they pay off in the long run. NorDan aims to be an environmental leader, from the start of production until the finished product is ready.

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