Taking a greater responsibility

Oct 22, 2021

NorDan's role in our communities is just as important as our global impact. This is why we place equal efforts on local initiatives as global challenges in our social responsibility approach.

Education provides a future

The NorDan Group has partnered with Save the Children Norway, supporting their efforts to provide long-term solutions to ensure stability in children's education globally. Through the «Safe Back to School» programme children are given a safe learning environment, competent teachers and all other prerequisites necessary to complete basic education.

Tradition for knowledge

NorDan has a long-standing tradition of supporting educational efforts. At several of our facilities we provide young adults the opportunity to complete vocational training. We know first-hand that a solid education provides a foundation for curiosity, problem solving skills and innovation. In a larger sense, a good education for all is the key to safety, predictability and a more sustainable global society.

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