NorDan recognised internationally for sustainable quality management

Sep 8, 2021

Spearheaded by the world’s first 3D printed biocomposite window NorDan recently received international recognition for their product development and quality management in a sustainability perspective.

The «Quality Sustainability Award» is awarded by the independent «International Academy for Quality». NorDan Sweden have previously had the honour of receiving several awards for the 3D printed product itself, but this award is the first where IAQ acknowledges innovation and quality through the lens of sustainability.

Important recognition

CEO of NorDan AB, Dag Kroslid, have together with the rest of the organisation in Sweden worked with a clear focus on developing sustainable products.

“It is great to be awarded the Quality Sustainability Award from IAQ. It is an international and new award addressing the synergies of Sustainability and Quality Management. Biocomposite is a very interesting material for the future of the building industry and I am very satisfied that we at NorDan are at the forefront of the application of biomaterial and additive manufacturing, supported by a strong Quality Management approach.”

The award is given with a special focus on three of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • 12 Responsible consumption and production
  • 17 Partnerships for the goals

Additive manufacturering with a purpose

As a world's first, NorDan showcased a circular window unlike any other in the fall of 2019. Traditionally, timber windows are manufactured using six meter long stock being cut, milled and processed before assembled into the final product. For circular windows in particular this is very resource intensive and often involved a significant amount of waste.

NorDan's award winning solution involves an entirely new approach. Instead of beginning with a window that is larger than the final product and removing material from it – so-called subtractive manufacturing – new technology was implemented that alllowed for additive manufacturing. By only applying material where it is needed, NorDan's industrial grade 3D printer manufacturing line allows for a far more efficient use of the biocomposite material while at the same time reducing the amount of manual finishing needed.

Award-winning project

The Quality Sustainability Award is the most recent recognition being awarded to the 3D printed window. Previously the Swedish Institute for Quality have recognised the solution with the Quality Innovation Award, a nomination that also contributed to NorDan winning the following international award. Regardless, the greatest value does not lie in the recognition and attention. Most important is the value of continuing an almost 100 year old tradition of inventiveness, curiosity and the ability to innovate systematically.

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